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The Advantage of Minerva

Learning is a process, not a single event. Participants are encouraged to arrive at a program with specific issues they want resolved so their experience in the program can be shaped to help them achieve these goals. But they don't stop learning when class is dismissed. On return to the workplace, they schedule follow-up meetings with colleagues and advisers to pass on what they've learned, implement plans for organizational change and anticipate new challenges before they arise. Please visit our new model of Training Benefit analysis


The Essence of Minerva Model

Peer learning does not occur by accident. Participants in Minerva Programs can learn as much from each other as they will from the faculty. At Minerva, we strive for both structured and informal peer learning opportunities — workshops, participant lectures, study groups, topic tables at meals, exercises and simulations, to name just a few. We also work to ensure that the people attending our courses are of comparable managerial and experience levels.

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