What to do in Geneva?

A must-see – The Geneva Water Fountain (Jet d’Eau de Genève)

The fountain came into being by chance. In 1886, a hydraulic power station was built to deliver water under pressure from the Rhône to the city’s fountains, households and factories. One evening, pressure build-ups forced the engineers to install a special pressure relief valve. This marked the birth of the Jet d’Eau. The ephemeral work of art soon became a tourist attraction

The Old Town and its treasures

Switzerland’s biggest historical city is overlooked by St. Peter’s Cathedral, the centre of the Reformation movement. 157 steps lead to the top of its tower for a stunning view of the town. Stroll along the backstreets and discover the city’s many historical treasures.

The Reformation Wall, tribute to Europe’s reformers

A stone’s throw away from the elegant Place de Neuve in an exceptionally beautiful park, Europe’s most important protestant reformers are honoured with four giant statues, reminding us of Geneva’s important role in the history of religions.

The magnificent parks of Geneva

More than 50 parks and gardens act as the city’s oxygen tank. The parks located along the lakeshore and the Parc des Bastions are true havens of peace. In Geneva, you find a park or a garden to relax around almost every corner!

The Palais des Nations, symbol of Geneva, capital of peace

The European headquarters of the United Nations have become the centre of world diplomacy. Under the dome of the “Human Rights and Alliance for Civilisations’ Room”, many secrets are shared. And on the Place des Nations, standing in front of the monumental ‘Broken Chair’, you are reminded of Geneva’s contribution to peace and freedom.