What to do in Marbella?


Many have defined the port as the pennant of the Mediterranean and of our city. Taking a walk along the port we will have the chance to see some of the most impressive yachts in the world and we will also be overtaken by some of the latest models in cars from all over the world. The good-looking people, the famous stroll around Banus in a relaxed way, enjoying the magnificent restaurants that surround the port.


One of the first works to be carried out by the Mayor Jesús Gil, was this park which is two kilometers long and half a kilometer wide.


TIn the very center of the city we can find one of the most beautiful and peaceful parts of Marbella. With thick vegetation, a children’s park, a small astronomic observatory and with benches throughout, this park is the ideal resting place for all those looking for a little peace. Inside we find the auditorium with room for 600 people (all seated).

The Old Town & Orange Square in Marbella

Partially surrounded by the ruins of an old Arab wall with narrow white washed streets, old churches and squares, as well as lots of fascinating shops and boutiques At the heart of old town is Orange Square which dates back to 1485 and, according to Christian urban design, is surrounded by whitewashed houses and three historical buildings – the town hall, the old governor’s house and the Chapel (Hermitage) of Santiago. The gardens are full of brightly coloured flowers and orange trees and in the centre stands a bust of King Juan Carlos 1.

Bonsai Museum

An exquisite exhibition of bonsai trees, said to contain the best collection of Bonsai trees in Europe, and the best Olive Tree collection in the world. It also boasts in its collection the “Pinsapo Pine” which is close to extinction, and one Acebuche Olve tree that is more than 300 years old.