Our Strengths


Our Strengths

We are SMEs experts —Our strength in conducting/analyzing complex qualitative and quantitative of SMEs (what do you conduct and analyze?), plus our understanding of advanced analytics enhances our strategic capabilities and marketing savvy.

We are innovative marketers—We will continuously bring you new ways of thinking and interacting with your firm, so you can choose to blend traditional methodologies with emerging technologies and new enhanced approach to grow and develop your small or medium firm.

We are internationally operable—Our instructors and experts extend from the Americas, to Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Emerging Markets.

The programs of Minerva empower the participants and encourage them to become self-reliant through discussion and participation. Guided by this philosophy, you will join peers from around the globe and across industries to evaluate the practical issues facing modern business and challenges faced by today’s leaders.

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“It’s all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you’re properly trained.” Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain



*29 Updated Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Programs

*23 Updated Management Program

*25 Updated Marketing and Sales Programs


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