Professional Development Programs

Bridging the Gap with Training and Development

Today’s job market is highly competitive and work environments seem to be ever-changing. Yet you’re up to the challenge – ready to create your own career opportunities.

Exactly how do you make your career goals happen? The Professional Development Program of Minerva is here to help!
Through innovative, collaborative and relevant instruction, our in-class courses and certificates will help you improve your workplace performance and increase your advancement potential.

Organizations usually engage in training and development in order to bridge the gap between actual work and expectations as identified by performance appraisals. Other reasons may include developing an internal benchmark for desired performance levels, continued professional development, to mitigate succession risk, to serve as a tool for testing performance management, or to provide valuable operating instructions with regard to a business activity.

Usually, employees require training with respect to certain key areas. These include Communications (to overcome linguistic barriers), Computer skills (for effectively managing office responsibilities), Customer service (to help employees understand the needs of the client and discover ways to solve them), Diversity (to encourage the acceptance of varying ideas and/or values), Ethics (to ensure the highest possible code of conduct) Human relations (to encourage a better perspective with regard to coping with work pressures), Quality initiatives (to provide guidance on ideal standards for products, processes and procedures), and Safety (to guide on the measures to be taken to help prevent work and product hazards).

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