Custom programs

Custom programs

Business today face a swiftly changing marketplace in which problems don’t come neatly labeled as marketing, finance, or operations. We draw on expertise beyond the traditional business school disciplines to help you think expansively about the challenges and opportunities ahead for your organization.Our custom programs are partnerships with some of the world’s most influential organizations, intended to enable companies to drive revolutionary change, take advantage of opportunities, and master their toughest challenges through innovation.

Our world-class faculty and partnerships with corporate leaders continue to shape today’s executives into tomorrow’s leaders. Whether you are an organizational leader looking for a custom learning experience, a manager who has been searching for a way to integrate social media into your marketing mix, or an experienced team member who has decided that the time has come to pursue higher learning, the Office of custom programs for organizations at Minerva welcomes the opportunity to discuss your interests and challenges.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering impact through:

  • Superior academic programs
  • Relevant business content and context
  • Unwavering client focus
  • Exceptional value for your investment

Minerva works closely with selected global companies to develop strategic solutions to their business challenges. Programs include a combination of highly interactive classroom sessions, case discussions, small group exercises, electronically mediated tools and intensive study groups to encourage participants to think strategically and effectively manage change in their organizations.

Our 4-Step Process
A combined team of Executive Education staff and Minerva instructors work with our clients one-on-one to identify specific opportunities and objectives and to develop strategic solutions to their business challenges using the following four-step process:

Identify Learning Goals and Objectives
Needs analysis, understanding of core business challenges, development of vision

Course Design and Continued Dialogue
Format, number of days, selection of faculty, refinement of corporate needs, pre-program website, communication with participants

Deliver Program
Rigorous research-oriented instructional techniques

Follow Up and Evaluation

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