The program exceeded my expectations in the sense that Minerva Institute is focusing on changing a mindset rather than just providing a toolbox. The difference is that you become more the

- Nicholas McIntyre, Eastman Chemical EMEA Ltd.

The program exceeded my expectations in the sense that Minerva Institute is focusing on changing a mindset rather than just providing a toolbox.The difference is that you become more the architect rather than the construction worker in strategy development.

- Nicholas McIntyre, Eastman Chemical EMEA Ltd.

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Conflict Resolution Skills Certificate for HR

Program Description

Conflict has a life. It grows. Escalation is rapid and can surprise us. If we understand the elements of conflict escalation, we can observe the process, and are more likely to recognize the potential for outbursts, crises or impasse. As a result, we are prepared to more effectively intervene.

The ability to understand and resolve conflict is now considered a “core competency” in many private and public sector workplaces. Skills in dispute resolution enrich our relationships in the workplace, at home and in the broader community. Skilled dispute resolution can enhance our effectiveness on-the-job, increase our employment opportunities, and broaden the ranges of career options available to us.

The Program is offered in an exciting and stimulating format, and draws on the expertise of the finest dispute resolution practitioners and educators in the Province. The participants will be engrossed in an invigorating and realistic learning process which provides them with the opportunity to experiment and acquire their own distinct mediation style.
You will be exposed to several methods of conflict resolution and the skills that a mediator brings to the process. The Program will enable you to study the academic theory of conflict resolution and will apply that theory to the development of practical mediation skills which will assist you in the achievement of fair, balanced, and ethical dispute outcomes.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Discover tools to address and resolve conflicts through better communication.
  • Gain a solid understanding of the theoretical basis of conflict resolution and rich hands-on experience with conflict resolution practices.
  • Explore current models of conflict resolution that are applied in interpersonal, organizational, community and international situations.
  • Refine your ability to mediate, facilitate, negotiate, and build consensus and collaboration.

Duration: A total of five (5) training days, divided into three sessions (first session is one day, second session is two days and the third is two days).

Mode of delivery: blend lecture, interactive teaching models and role-plays

Session 1

· Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Conflict Resolution

  • Theory and Generic Issues

Session 2 (2 days)

  • Negotiation and Mediation
  • Conflict Management in the Workplace
  • Advanced Negotiation and Mediation

Session 3 (2 days)

  • Survey of the Field of Practice in Conflict Resolution

·  Communication Skills in Conflict Resolution

·   Cross-Cultural Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

This course is designed for manager-, director-, and executive-level HR professionals who are charged with improving HR’s ability to contribute to organizational strategy and success. It is also appropriate for HR professionals seeking the strategic skills required for advancement to management and leadership positions.

  • HR professionals seeking a comprehensive overview of the field
  • HR professionals preparing to take the national Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) examinations

Class Size: 15 attendee max per class to maintain intimacy and interaction.

A good undergraduate degree or equivalent professional qualification is required. Applicants who do not hold such qualifications if they have a very strong employment history, demonstrating their ability as a high achiever could be enrolled in this program. This program may include pre-reading assignment(s).


Fundamentals: Core concepts, understandings and tools (60%)

Latest Developments: Recent advances and future trends (20%)

Industry Applications: Linking theory and real-world (20%)

Delivery Methods

Lecture: Delivery of material in a lecture format (50%)

Discussion or Group Work: Participatory learning (50%)


Introductory: Appropriate for a general audience (0%)

Specialized: Assumes experience in practice area or field (70%)

Advanced: In-depth explorations at the advanced level (30%)

  • Discussions with Industry and Government Leaders/Subjects Matter Experts
  • Current status of issues that affect you and your organization
  • Interactions with peers from industry and government
  • Lessons learned from multiple Case Studies
  • Course Manual-printed and e-files
  • Current articles by industry authors

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