The program exceeded my expectations in the sense that Minerva Institute is focusing on changing a mindset rather than just providing a toolbox. The difference is that you become more the

- Nicholas McIntyre, Eastman Chemical EMEA Ltd.

The program exceeded my expectations in the sense that Minerva Institute is focusing on changing a mindset rather than just providing a toolbox.The difference is that you become more the architect rather than the construction worker in strategy development.

- Nicholas McIntyre, Eastman Chemical EMEA Ltd.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate for Project Managers

Program Description

This 5 day program provides a thorough understanding of the fundamental tools, techniques and project management structure for delivering lean six sigma improvements. At the end of this course you’ll be able to lead a small scale improvement project within a department or function as well as effectively support much larger projects. Your prime focus will be on identifying, understanding and eliminating variation and waste in business processes enabling you to deliver value from the first day back in the office.


This workshop will help the participants in understanding:
How to identify projects from key business areas/ imperatives?
How to bring about improvements in business processes such as transaction monitoring, staffing and scheduling through the application of Six Sigma tools and the DMAIC methodology?
Which are the areas where Six Sigma tools have yielded the greatest benefit to practitioners?
Where and how to apply Lean Thinking?
How to integrate Innovation and Problem Solving Skills?
What are the pitfalls in 6-Sigma implementation and how to avoid them?
The participants will be trained in the rigor of the DMAIC methodology while applying it to specific ITES-BPO cases.

Module 1: Introduction

Section 0: Six sigma Overview, Origin and Application
Section 1: What is Six Sigma?
Section 2: DMAIC and DFSS approach to Six Sigma – Overview of tools used in DFSS approach
Section 3: Six sigma and Organization Structure
Module 2: Define

Section 4: Voice of Customer (VOC)
Section 4: Voice of Customer (VOC)
1. CTQ Tree
2. Affinity Diagram
3. Kano Model
Section 5: Project Charter and Plan
Building Goal/Problem Statement,
Project Scoping;
Selection of Team Members;
Assigning of Roles for Team Members;
Deriving Project Schedule;
Putting together the Business Case and Project Sign Off.
Six Sigma Finance – Potential savings and their link to defects; estimating potential savings; Cost Avoidance vs. Costs Reduction.
Section 6: SIPOC or COPIS or POCIS

Day 2

Module 3: Measure – Lean

Section 7: Lean
What is Lean?
Why Implement Lean?
Understanding the Lean Concepts

1. Eight Waste
2. 5-Whys
3. Value Stream Mapping
4. Takt Time
5. Continuous Flow

Day 3

Module 4: Measure Phase

Section 8: The Need for Data
Discrete Data
Continuous Data
Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio
Section 9:
Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) (also in Improve Phase)
Fish Bone Diagram Usage For data collection and identification of X factors
Section 10: Measurement System Analysis – Attribute Gage R&R
Key issues in measuring quality
Calibration guidelines
Attribute Gage R&R
Section 11: Sampling
Sampling approach
1. Random Sampling
2. Random Stratified Sampling
3. Systematic Sampling
4. Rational sub-grouping
Sampling considerations
Calculating sample size: Continuous Data
Calculating sample size: Discrete Data

Day 4

Module 5– Analyze Phase

Section 12: Data Analysis
Discrete Data
1. Bar Chart
2. Pie Chart
3. Pareto Chart
4. I-MR Chart
Continuous Data
1. Scatter Plot
2. Histogram
3. Box Plot
4. I-MR chart
Quantitative Methods
1. Measures of Location
2. Mean, Median, Mode
3. Measures of Variability
Range, IQR, Standard Deviation
Process Mapping and different types of process maps
Hypothesis testing- 2 t, paired t, ANOVA, Chi Square test
Regressions and scatter plot
Section 13: Voice of the Process (Capability Analysis – Measure and Control Phase)
Voice of Process and Voice of Customer
Capability and Performance
1. Cp, Cpk
2. Pp, Ppk
What Six sigma means
Section 14: Case Studies for Data Analysis and RCA

Day 5

Module 6– Improve Phase

Section 15:
Using TRIZ
Control-Impact Matrix
Section 16:
Creating New VSM and Piloting the Solution

Control Phase

Section 17:

Control Phase Steps
Process Capability
Using Control charts- ImR, p, np, c, u charts
Best Practices institutionalization


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Project Managers certification is designed for Project Managers (PMs) who will perform or facilitate process analysis and improvement activities. It is appropriate for PMs from all levels and all areas of the organization.

Project Management (PMP®) Certification Exam Preparation Program


Fundamentals: Core concepts, understandings and tools (60%)

Latest Developments: Recent advances and future trends (20%)

Industry Applications: Linking theory and real-world (20%)

Delivery Methods

Lecture: Delivery of material in a lecture format (60%)

Discussion or Group Work: Participatory learning (40%)


Introductory: Appropriate for a general audience (20%)

Specialized: Assumes experience in practice area or field (60%)

Advanced: In-depth explorations at the advanced level (20%)

  • Discussions with Industry and Government Leaders/Subjects Matter Experts
  • Current status of issues that affect you and your organization
  • Interactions with peers from industry and government
  • Lessons learned from multiple Case Studies
  • Course Manual-printed and e-files
  • Current articles by industry authors

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