The program exceeded my expectations in the sense that Minerva Institute is focusing on changing a mindset rather than just providing a toolbox. The difference is that you become more the

- Nicholas McIntyre, Eastman Chemical EMEA Ltd.

The program exceeded my expectations in the sense that Minerva Institute is focusing on changing a mindset rather than just providing a toolbox.The difference is that you become more the architect rather than the construction worker in strategy development.

- Nicholas McIntyre, Eastman Chemical EMEA Ltd.

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Manufacturing Processes: Net Shape for Cost-Effective and High Quality

Program Description

Various shapes of components and parts are basic blocks of machines, vehicles, aircraft and other equipment. How to make these components with required properties in an efficient way is a major concern for engineers and scientists. This course will introduce two major techniques, casting and powder processing including rapid manufacturing to engineering students. It will provide students with scientific and technological knowledge of factors in casting and powder processes, which govern the quality and properties of the final components. After successful completion of the course, students will have the knowledge and potential ability in designing an appropriate process to make required components with different shapes and to achieve the required properties through controlling the processes.
Net-shape manufacturing of metals & ceramics processes: casting from liquid state & consolidation of components from powders pressed into almost finished complex shapes.

Understanding of the principles of solidification & powder processing & principles used in the manufacture of components. Participants will gain first-hand accounts from the course leaders who have many years of experience in design and process selection using net-shape metal forming technologies. Participants can also gain insights into achieving high accuracy in metal components forging, advanced rotary forming, material flow prediction, tool stress, tool failure mechanisms and tool life improvement, process modeling and simulation results interpretation. Basic metallurgy of aluminium and magnesium alloys, and developments in processes for their manufacture will be explained. The course leaders have insight and knowledge on future trends and latest technology for the precision engineering, automotive, aerospace and marine industries. This course also provides opportunity for networking and exchange of ideas and knowledge with the industry.

DAY ONE An Introduction to the Net-shape Processes such as Casting and Forging
DAY TWO Light Metal Castings
DAY THREE Cold Forging of Net-shape Components
Advanced Rotary Forming Process
DAY FOUR Die Failure
DAY FIVE Modelling and Simulation in Metal Forming Process

The  targeted audience is ranging from persons that should take strategic decision on process route choices in product manufacturing or invest in new manufacturing equipment down to person that are involved in part design and product and process trouble shooting. The targeted audience is thus CTO’s, Middle management and senior engineers as well as young engineer responsible for design.

Relevant industry sectors are Precision Engineering, Electronics, Aerospace, MedTech, and general contract manufacturing.

An understanding of basic concepts in materials, such as phase diagrams, phase transformation and thermodynamics of phase transformations


Fundamentals: Core concepts, understandings and tools (80%)

Latest Developments: Recent advances and future trends (10%)

Industry Applications: Linking theory and real-world (10%)

Delivery Methods

Lecture: Delivery of material in a lecture format (80%)

Discussion or Group Work: Participatory learning (20%)


Introductory: Appropriate for a general audience (0%)

Specialized: Assumes experience in practice area or field (80%)

Advanced: In-depth explorations at the advanced level (20%)

  • Discussions with Industry and Government Leaders/Subjects Matter Experts
  • Current status of issues that affect you and your organization
  • Interactions with peers from industry and government
  • Lessons learned from multiple Case Studies
  • Course Manual-printed and e-files
  • Current articles by industry authors

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