The program exceeded my expectations in the sense that Minerva Institute is focusing on changing a mindset rather than just providing a toolbox. The difference is that you become more the

- Nicholas McIntyre, Eastman Chemical EMEA Ltd.

The program exceeded my expectations in the sense that Minerva Institute is focusing on changing a mindset rather than just providing a toolbox.The difference is that you become more the architect rather than the construction worker in strategy development.

- Nicholas McIntyre, Eastman Chemical EMEA Ltd.

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Master Black Belt

Program Description

This program evaluates an applicant’s experience and performance related to Six Sigma and training and coaching. To earn the title of Master black belt, individuals must demonstrate proficiency in teaching Six Sigma and in coaching green and black belts and must pass an examination. Each program is tailored to the applicant’s background and experiences and is priced accordingly. When an individual is judged to have met IIE’s standards, the Master Black Belt Certificate is awarded.

The curriculum covers: Design for Lean Six Sigma, Generating Creative Solutions, Fundamentals of Project Management, Advanced Statistical Tools, Advanced Lean Methods, Process Modeling, Leadership and Coaching, and Financial Analysis.
Once you have completed the coursework and developed enough experience, you are eligible for the certification process, which includes a project portfolio review, experience in coaching/mentoring, a presentation or publication in an external venue, a passing score on the exam (80%), and an oral interview.

The Six Sigma title of master black belt is the highest level of recognition that a Six Sigma practitioner can attain. It is normally an indication that the holder of the designation has completed a significant number of process improvements as well as serving as a mentor, coach and teacher for other Six Sigma participants. The master black belt is an experienced black belt, coach, trainer and champion of Six Sigma. The designation is not given lightly. In order to be recognized as an MBB, certain core competencies need to be demonstrated. In this program you will be evaluated on your performance as it relates to your knowledge and proficiency in Six Sigma, teaching Six Sigma and coaching green and black belts. In order to be recognized as a master black belt, you must demonstrate the following core competencies:



Design for Lean Six Sigma

Includes advanced DOE (RSM, Minimum Runs for Robustness)

Day 2

Fundamentals of Project Management

Aligned with PMI PMBOK

Day 3

Advanced Statistics

Advanced Regression, Non-parametric Methods, Advanced DOE

Day 4

Advanced Lean Methods

Establishing Internal and External Pull Systems, Queuing Theory

Process Modeling

Discrete Event Simulation, Monte Carlo, Optimization

Day 5

Leadership and Coaching

Leading Teams, Leading Change, Effective Coaching

Financial Analysis

Financial Statement Fundamentals, Return Models, Valuation of Benefits

The program is designed for experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who are prepared to advance their mastery of the technical and leadership subjects that comprise the Master Black Belt body of knowledge and practice.

Participation is limited to Certified Black Belts. This is a rigorous Master Black Belt program, assuming mastery of the full Black Belt body of knowledge as a foundation. To enroll, you must present Black Belt certification from a reputable source



Fundamentals: Core concepts, understandings and tools (60%)

Latest Developments: Recent advances and future trends (20%)

Industry Applications: Linking theory and real-world (20%)

Delivery Methods

Lecture: Delivery of material in a lecture format (60%)

Discussion or Group Work: Participatory learning (40%)


Introductory: Appropriate for a general audience (20%)

Specialized: Assumes experience in practice area or field (60%)

Advanced: In-depth explorations at the advanced level (20%)

  • Discussions with Industry and Government Leaders/Subjects Matter Experts
  • Current status of issues that affect you and your organization
  • Interactions with peers from industry and government
  • Lessons learned from multiple Case Studies
  • Course Manual-printed and e-files
  • Current articles by industry authors

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