Outcome Stage

Outcome Stage

Apply the gained knowledge
The learners continue to revise the training materials on the Minerva learning resources after trying to apply the learnt knowledge and skills back on the job.

Learning is enhanced when learners have time to reflect upon the training, and ideally time should be set-aside for this during the Preparation Stage.
A review of pre-training materials (notes, self-assessments etc) and training handouts assist the recognition of learning so far achieved, and any additional learning and developmental needs uncovered by the experience.

Ideally, leaners will be supported through this process during a Supervision Session and each can be facilitated in making specific commitments in order to bring about proposed changes.

This stage is crucial if any real change is to occur following the training event. Learners need to be encouraged and supported in practicing new learning / skills / models etc. They need to be given the time, and opportunities, to put their learning into practice.
This is also an opportunity to celebrate new steps, insights and learning.

New learning most readily ‘sticks’, if applied immediately after the training.
Delegates should be empowered and enabled to step out of their comfort zones into an environment where mistakes are regarded as an essential part of the learning process; simply something to learn from.

Continuous learning
Trainers continue to moderate discussion threads through the Minerva learning resources
Learners continue to network with each other and with the trainer.
Learners continue to share learning resources in the form of podcasts, presentations, white papers, and sample deliverables through the web site of Minerva learning resources.